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Why do I need to inform HitPlay prior to my child’s absence?

You may be charged an additional fee if you do not inform us of your child’s absence. Your child is our responsibility if they are booked to attend HitPlay. We are required to contact you, if your child is not at the meeting place after school. If we are unable to contact you they will try the emergency contacts stated on your child’s enrolment form and if this is unsuccessful then we are obliged to contact the police and report your child as missing. The time and stress involved in this process takes the manager away from other children in our care and disrupts the operation of our programme, hence it is imperative that we receive notice of your child’s absence before 12pm on the day your child will be absent. Text your absence to 0212227770 Email your absence to

Do we do homework with the children?

The opportunity is available for all children to do their homework. Staff will supervise or assist but not complete it for them. If it is important to you that your child does their homework at HitPlay then please discuss this with the programme staff.

Will I be charged if my child is absent?

The normal fee will be charged if your child is absent unless we receive three weeks notice of your booking change. This is due to our strict staff ratios, programme planning and transport logistics.

Why do I need to put two emergency contacts on the enrolment form?

In the event of an emergency or an unexplained absence it is important that we are able to contact you quickly. It is a Ministry of Social Development requirement (and part of their audit process of our operation) that all enrolment forms include 2 emergency contacts as well as the main caregiver’s contact details. Even if you don’t have anybody else that you want picking up your child from HitPlay, please include a friend, family member or workmate’s details who would know of your whereabouts in the unlikely event of an emergency, or how we would be able to contact you.

Enrolmy Support


If you login is locked please email to have this reset. Once you password has been reset you will receive an email confirming you can now login. Parent profiles will lock to protect your information after several failed login attempts


Yes, Enrolmy is secure.
Security is very important and Enrolmy has a number of security features that will keep your data safe and secure. See the below list of Security features Enrolmy provides. SSL Data Encrypted - All the data communication between your devices and the server are encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Double Backed Up - Our data backups are stored in a secure databank in the country of use and also in the cloud. This ensures data is never lost. Mirrored Servers - Enrolmy is mirrored at two geo-locations. This means, in the rare case where one server is down, the mirrored server will be up and running within minutes. Passwords are stored as hashes in the database. - Passwords are always stored as hashes, which cannot be decrypted into the original value. No one (including ourselves) will know the passwords of Enrolmy users - parent or staff. During login, we compare the hashed value to perform authentication. Password block after multiple failed attempts. In order to prevent brute force password guessing, we only allow a maximum of 10 retries of passwords. This is so that malicious users would not have a chance to guess passwords. Best password practice would include a mix of capitals, numbers, letters and special charachters. Avoid using common words and or a repeat sequence.



Invoices are issued weekly for term care or by programme for holiday care to your ENROLMY Dashboard. Please pay invoices by thier due date. If you would prefer instalments please apply for an interest free GENOAPAY account 1 Apply for an interest free account 2 Contact our office 03 423 2270 3 Accept payment confirmation text This is a great payment option for term time care, school holidays or account arrears!


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Client account statements are emailed monthly to clients. Please ensure that your email address in Enrolmy is kept current. To update your contact details visit


Booking Changes or Cancellation

To change or cancel a booking parents must put this in writing as soon as possible. All booking changes & cancelations no matter if this is a partial booking cancelation or a full booking cancelation have a 3 week notice period. Booking changes can be discussed with your Site Manager but, cancelations will only be accepted in writing from the date received. How to get my written booking cancellation to Hit Play

  • Email -
  • Post - Hit Play Head Office, Po Box 40, Ashburton, 7740
  • Hand deliver a written cancelation to your local Site Manager.

Phone Bookings

Yes, but.... Any booking taken over the phone will not be confirmed until the booking is signed by the parent or caregiver. What this means is that your booking is NOT confirmed and your child has NOT been registered for a space in our programme.


Transport Drop off and Pick up times

We offer a FREE pick up and drop off service from Ashburton schools. Children are collected from their schools assigned meeting place from 3pm. Each school has a specific meeting point and pick up time for after school. Children being dropped to school will arrive at their desitination school between 8.35am and before the school bell goes for class. We service schools all around Ashburton, with a transport route. For more information please view the transport information in the after school section of our website or contact us.

Do we have booster seats in our vans?

All our vans have booster seats that meet NZTA specifications for children that require them. If your child isn’t legally required to use a booster seat but you would like him/her to be in one then please discuss this with the programme staff.


Can our household have multiple HitPlay Nannies?

No. Your HitPLay Nannie must remain the same for the duration of lockdown. Extending your familiy bubble by 1 unit and the same for the HitPlay Nannie.

What age group do you cover?

Primarily 5 to 14 Years. But your HitPlay Nannie can care for all the children in your home.

Do HitPlay Nannies maintain good hygiene practices (for example cough and sneeze etiquette, hand hygiene)?

Yes. HitPlay Nannies have also completed our Online COVID-19 Facts and Preparation training.

Do HitPlay Nannies maintain good cleaning practices?

Yes. All HitPlay Nannies have been trained in Health and Safety.

What happens if my child/ren becomes unwell?.

Your HitPlay Nannie MUST stay home and you will need to care for your child/ren.

Who do I contact if my child/ren become unwell?

Contact the HitPlay Nannie directly and your HitPlay Nannie will do the rest for you.

How will I know if our HitPlay Nannie becomes unwell?

Your HitPlay Nannie will contact you directly. The HitPlay Nannie will also contact our office.

What safety checks as an organization have you put in place in regards to staff?

All HitPlay staff including our Nannies are Police Vetted and only those with valid clean Police Vetting in line with MSD Level 3 requirement are employed. All Staff have been reference checked and had their ID verification completed.

Will the HitPlay Nannie provide this service in my own home?


Can a HitPlay Nannie also look after our children’s friends from another household?

No. The services are to be delivered in the home of the essential worker only. Children are not to be taken to other residences and must be managed according to the Public health requirements for childcare arrangements for children of essential workers”.

What is the HitPlay Nannie to child ratio?

No more than 8 children per one Carer. No other children outside of the immediate residency are to be cared for. This protects the integrity of the family bubble, reducing chances of transmission.

Will my HitPlay Nannie look after multiple families?

No. Only one HitPlay Nannie per family/residence. This will protect against infection between families of essential workers.

What are the hours of care?

Providers, employees and parents will need to negotiate these hours. HitPlay Nannies and their team will do thier best to accomodate the needs of each family.

What about first aid?

HitPlay will prioritise HitPlay Nannies who have first aid qualifications to ensure best possible service.

Can these services be provided at the local school or HitPlay OSCAR premises?

No. New Zealand is at Alert Level 4 – this means, schools and HitPlay OSCAR premises are closed. These services must be delivered in the home of the essential worker.

Can a HitPlay Nannie stay overnight?

No – HitPlay Nannies can work up to 12 hour per day.

Are HitPlay Nannies allowed to travel to my home during the Lock-Down period?

HitPlay Nannies may travel between their home and the essential worker’s home as required.

Is there any assessment of the standard of living in the essential worker’s home before entry?

Yes, please refer to the checklist developed by HitPlay re assessment. (to be provided separately)

Additional Information - COVID-19

Further info can be found here: Care at home arrangements involve a single Carer (for example, a nanny) coming into a household unit to care for a child/children. In this case, the Carer effectively becomes part of the household’s self-isolating family group. Please note: For in-home care arrangements with one caregiver working with one family unit (in the child’s home), then the ‘at least 1 metre, ideally 2m metres’ physical distancing is not required. In this scenario the ‘bubble’ is expanded to include both households involved in the care arrangement.