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We believe that everyone old and young a like, learn better when at play.  Active play helps to stimulate a healthy body and mind. Strength, flexibility, coordination and good posture are cornerstones of a child's overall fitness.


The Hit Play programmes provide safe and exciting environment for children to enjoy after their busy day at school. Our Programmes have a range of activities for children of different ages with an emphasis on being physically active, mainting a healthy lifestyle, building relationships, confidence and having fun.  ​We provide active indoor and outdoor activities, time for homework and afternoon tea.


​Staff are trained, hold current first aid certificates and are police vetted. The Hit Play programmes are all MSD approval and parents are able to access the WINZ OSCAR subsidy.


Our programmes are designed to help your children develop co-ordination, confidence and self awareness. Should you have any concerns about your child, or if your child has special requirements whether dietary or other please discuss this with us.  


​Bookings are essential as we need to know who is attending on a daily basis.


MSD reviewed Hit Plays Oscar Programme Policies and Procedures in August 2017.  

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